Men In Black 3

31 May

Synopsis: Agent J (Will Smith) travels in time to MIB’s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K(Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin) and changing history.


Will Smith ….. Agent J

Tommy Lee Jones …… Agent K

Josh Brolin ……..Young Agent K

Jemaine Clement …… ‘Boris the Animal’

Michael Stuhlbarg …… ‘Griffin’

Emma Thompson …… ‘Agent O’

Mike Colter …… ‘Colonel’

Nicole Scherzinger  …… ‘Boris’ Girlfriend’

Alice Eve …… ‘Young Agent O’

David Rasche  …… ‘Agent X’

Michael Chernus  …… ‘Jeffrey Price’

Bill Hader  …… ‘Andy Warhol’

Review:  Right off the bat I will tell you MIB3 is as good if not better than MIB1. The time traveling sub-plot, Josh Brolin’s outstanding spot on version of a young Tommy Lee Jones coupled with Will Smith’s off the cuff Agent J make this an enjoyable entertainment.  Barry Sonnenfeld is also back aboard as director and he vindicated himself with this one after the disastrous MIB2. In case you forgot MIB2 the first sequel, don’t feel bad it was a forgettable film. I am also happy that Rip Torn is not involved in this project, he wore out his cantankerous one note acting in  the last one.

One of the joys of watching actors having fun was watching Emma Thompson as O the head of the super secret MIB organization. She did a wonderful job up against Will Smith’s, agent J. Notably the time traveling method used by Agent J involves jumping off the ledge of the Chrysler building, as he attempts to save the life of his partner Agent K from being assassinated by an alien in the 1960’s. Another great stunt involves the first Apollo moon attempt, a machine that will save mankind must be placed on the capsule before take-off and then escaping through an emergency exit before anyone gets caught. They also kept the memory eraser device from the previous 2 films, an arsenal of fancy laser guns and of course this time Rick Baker out did himself with the myriad of aliens he designed.

The script is polished, funny and ironic, so do you need to see the 3D version? No, the film stands up fine without it. So for a fun entertaining outing at the cinema I say go for it.


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