Titanic 3D

15 Apr


REVIEW: It is hard to find fault with a movie that needs to be seen on the big screen, it is hard to find fault with the masterpiece of compelling story telling that unfolds before you and it is impossible to fault John Cameron who we all know directed the movie,  for using artistic license in his portrayals of the real people who sailed the Titanic.

The ill fated love story between Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater is arguably one of the most romantic in screen history. In it’s 1997 initial release the film grossed over two billion world wide, to show you it’s staying power it has made $88.2 million  internationally this weekend alone, and has become the highest-earning debut in China of all time with $58 million.

Cameron uses 3D in subtle ways to give the feeling of actually being on the ship. The clarity is remarkable and no cheap in your face moments were used. Cameron and his technicians have used the effects much in the same way he did in Avatar adding to the realism of the story and not detracting from it.

Gloria Stuart as old Rose brings tears to your eyes in her telling of her love story and also uses the telling as a catharsis to find absolution over the painful memory of losing Jack Dawson to the waters in the freezing Atlantic. She sums up her feelings by saying “1500 people were out in the ocean that night after Titanic sank out from under us. 20 ships floated nearby and only one came back. One. Six people were saved from the ocean, myself included. Six. 700 people waited in the boats nearby. Waiting to die, waiting to live. Waiting for an absolution that would never come.”  Rose finds her absolution in the memorable moment when she throws the ‘Heart” diamond into the water, giving her heart to the memory of Jack Dawson, only to find him waiting for her by the clock as she passes into absolution.

Kate Winslet portrayal as young Rose is just the right balance of independence, toughness and frailty. We feel for her every time she tries to deny her feelings for Jack and we cry when she finally succumbs to them.

Billy Zane as Cal Hockley plays arrogance and conceit well. He reminds us of the nature of wall street tycoons and bankers where money can buy everything. Well almost, Rose his betrothed, so he thinks, will have none of it.

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Jack Dawson is the youthful exuberance we should all have in life. He takes in each new experience as a blessing and we want so much for him to win Rose’s heart.

Whatever facts Cameron played with to tell the story is inconsequential. Titanic in 1997 was and still is in 2012 a masterpiece of craftsmanship and the 3D only enhances the experience. Don’t miss it.


(Some scenes may be too intense for the very young)

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